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Dec 06

Parent Focused Therapy

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overwhelmed parent

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything including being a parent?
Are you finding it difficult to take care of you in the midst of parenting?

Throughout life we develop diffrent kinds of relationships. Through these different relationship encounters the level of intimacy, engagement and connection may differ from one another and we learn how to interact and connect with people through these experiences and learn how we feel about others, ourselves and our place in the world.

When we become parents, we discover a unique and intense kind of relationship that resembles no other, we know what it is like to be the child in the family system, but stepping into the parent role is a new founded experience. This new parent- child relationship may add meaning to our lives, feelings of  joy and happiness, however, if you are a parent and about to become one or a step-parent, at times the uncertainties can also be overwhelming, stressful and the strain of these encounters may bring up thoughts and feelings we hold about ourselves, relationships from our past that  have re- surfaced through these struggles and challenges of previous experiences. These feelings may present themselves through different behaviours or symptoms  such as;  anger, anxiety, withdrawal or feeling down, it can make it difficult for us to understand what the actual issues are about and equally confusing for those trying to support us.
  "It is not the adult part of us that needs repair, but the child within us that needs our love and care"
                                                   ~ Healthier Dimensions

Counselling can help you identify these barriers that may be causing you to resist, struggle or much unhappiness in your parenting relationship. As it is "parent focused"  it is not about giving you professional parenting advice, the emphasis is on supporting the parent through the process and exploring the difficulties in which you may be experiencing  in your current situation. This may not be about the issue at hand and often can be related to how you experienced your past relationships that may be causing you some level of difficulty connecting in your current relations.
Counselling can provide you with a safe and private space to help you explore and understand the core of your concerns, experiences and can be empowering in many ways, allowing you to create healthier relationships with yourself, your child and others.

Healthier Dimensions offers integrative online counselling and parent focused therapy.

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