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Apr 05

The Grounding Effects of Valor!

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It is believed that our sense of smell travels much faster to the brain and is more acute than our sense of sight or sound.Valor

I remember the first time I inhaled Valors unique scent, I paused for a moment before inhaling this inviting smell once again, this time I felt the need to close my eyes and inhale deeper. I sat there for a few moments whilst a reassuring sensation flowed throughout my body and mind. I felt calm and grounded, and my thoughts about my day ahead felt less hectic. I then knew that this essential oil blend was empowering and something I could incorporate into my life.

The four oils that make Valor a powerful blend:

Rosewood: For balance and strength. It's fragrant is said to drive away disappointment and promote a positive outlook.

Blue Tansy: Helps release anger and centre emotions.

Frankincense: This warm balsamic aroma promotes a deep spiritual awareness and influences the limbic system to reduce stress and low moods.

Spruce: Has a fresh woody fragrance that has balancing and grounding effects and helps release emotions.

The combination of these oils makes Valor a unique energy balancing blend which works with the bodies electrical and central nervous system bringing alignment and balance throughout the whole body.

In a Yoga experiment, participants were tested on their spinal balance at the beginning of the session, Valor was then applied to the soles of their feet and it was founded that their body alignment was then improved. Valor is also known to promote physical well-being; relieving back and joint pain, sciatica and stiffness in the neck.

I now use this oil first thing in the morning and last thing at night, or when I feel unsure or nervous about something I'm about to do, I believe it helps ground me, balance my moods and enhances my confidence and selt-esteem. I apply a few drops on my heart for courage and my wrists to balance my emotions. At the start of the day, I apply a few drops to my palms and cup my hands around my nose and inhale, whilst I think about my day ahead and what I want to achieve. To ensure a good night sleep, I apply a few drops on the sole of my feet before bed time, as Valor can also be used as a base oil, I layer other oils to amplify their effects.

If you have any health conditions, always consult your general or health practitioner before their use. Valor is not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding as they are highly concentrated pure oils. 


If you would like to place an order for Valor visit:

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