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Terms of Use

Healthier Dimensions is committed to protecting your privacy. The website collects the minimum amount of information about you that commensurate with providing you with a satisfactory service. This policy provides you with the type of processes  that may result in data being collected about you. Your use of this website gives us the right to collect that information.



Your internet browser has the built-in facility for storing small files "cookies"  that holds information which allows a website to recognise your account. Our website takes advantage of this facility to enhance your experience. You have the ability to manage or prevent your computer from accepting cookies by going to, but in doing so, certain functionalies on this website my be impaired.

By using this website you consent to the use of cookies.


Information use

We use the information primarily to process the task for which you visited the website. Data collected in the UK is held in accordance with the data protection act, all reasonable precautions are taken to prevent unauthorised action of this information. Healthier Dimensions provides links that may take you to  third party websites, we are not in partnership with these and by clicking on the links may require you to visit their cookies and privacy policy that will differ from our own.


Disclosuring your personal data

Any  personal information you provide about yourself on this website will not be sold or shared with any third party, except when we need to do so to complete any transaction of payment, if we do it will be only with your permission and consent. All communications will be held through secure and encrypted channels and again will not be sold or shared with any third party, please see the Client Agreement page for more details about how your personal information is used and stored. We may from time to time provide information of a general nature to third parties - for example the number of visitors visiting our website, but we will not use any information that could identify those individuals.


Healthier Dimensions  uses Sitelock which protects the site and visitors from external threats.